Por El Influencer– Te acuerdas de MySpace y de Tom Anderson, el primer amigo de todo los usuarios que se suscribían a la red social, la más popular de los inicios del 2000 que llegó a acumular 30 millones de usuarios.

Anderson se hizo millonario en 2005 cuando vendió la empresa por 589 millones de dólares y, desde ese momento, se dedicó a vivir la vida viajando por todo el mundo. En su bio de Twitter asegura que vive «disfrutando» de su retiro

En los últimos años, el ex CEO de MySpace se ha dedicado a tomar fotografías de sus viajes: Islandia, Noruega, China, Hong Kong, India.

Aquí sus mejores fotografías:

So I’m back in LA and discovered that I lost my cord bag in Montana: lost my camera batteries, memory cards, connecting cords, card reader, Mac charger, etc. etc. I can’t access any of the shots I took in Montana!! ? Good news is the card with all the shots on it was in my pocket. ? So I haven’t lost the shots, I just can’t load them yet! ??haha I started looking through some old shots on my desktop PC… ?I found this photo, taken in September. This is near the border of Alaska / Canada, but I won’t say quite where. I wanna keep some secrets 🙂 Do you like? I have a bunch from this trip. Maybe I’ll process some while waiting for my lost bag to be returned. Crossing my fingers 🙂 (Or I can spend the day going to re-buy every missing piece in there… waaa!) Happy Father’s Day 🙂 ???Hope you’re enjoying time with your family.????

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This is NOT my photo. (Well it’s got my photos in it!) ?This is digital art ?created by my new online braddah from Finland Julius @visualsofjulius — I found J’s Instagram and thought it was so cool! I reached out to him and asked him if he wanted to do a collaboration using some of my photos. He said yes, but it would take him a few days because he doesn’t have his own laptop. I said “SAY WHAT BRUH…?” ? How the heck did you learn how to do this if you don’t even have your own computer?! ?LOL. He borrows his brothers laptop. Ok Julius is a wee lad of 17 so that’s why he doesn’t have a laptop yet! Anyway, I’m mystified. I have no idea how to do this kind of thing, but I want to learn. I dig it! I told Julius he should make a tutorial, and I’d buy it. I think he’s gonna do it 🙂 teehee I forsee a new laptop in his future if he sells an online tutorial 🙂 ? SOOO.. This is digital art created from two of my photos—one of the Cormorant fisherman I posted awhile back and the lanterns are taken from another shot I took in Thailand. Pretty cool!! Thanks Julius!! P.S. I know half the people don’t read so I’m gonna get a ton of comments saying “AWESOME PIC, TOM!!” Let’s just let the universe transfer that energy to Julius. Hahah. ??

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One of my favorite movies ?of all time will probably bore you to tears. ?Even I fell asleep the first 2 times I tried to watch it. ?It’s called Lawrence of Arabia and loving that film is part of what made me want to be a photographer. ?When I first began taking photos in 2012, it was hard for me to find photographers I liked. There were not that many doing the kind of thing that I was into at that time. Now there’s at least a hundred photographers that just blow me away. ?But if I think back to the beginning of my photo life, the influences I drew from were all movie makers and painters. ???David Lean – the director of Lawrence is still one of my favorites. Here’s to David — this photo is from a special night spent in the desert. Yes I got to ride that ? camel. Crazy times ??Feel free to tag some of your favorite photographers below. ??

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