Por Paulina García– Existen la idea que las mujeres siempre cocinan mejor que los hombres, aunque esa teoría con lo años se ha roto un poco pues muchos de los mejores restaurantes están dirigidos por hombres, sin embargo, las mujeres siguen compitiendo codo a codo para mantenerse en el gusto de la gente y que sus creaciones sean reconocidas.

Muchas chefs han creado sus restaurantes, pastelerías, cafeterías y han sido todo un éxito, ahora algunas han abierto cuentas de Instagram que estan volviendo locos a sus seguidores, si eres una de esas personas que les encanta ver comida maliciosamente decorada, debes seguir estas cuentas.

Julie Lee

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#Ad Eating REAL food is the most delicious way to eat! That’s why I love things like farmer’s markets and @SargentoCheese that make eating real food easy. I got home from the farmer’s market and sliced/chopped, blended my way to sandwich heaven right here. It’s a loaded up sandwich using all the best vegetables could find, including carrot tops for the pesto spread, and Sargento® Sliced Sharp Cheddar Cheese and Swiss Cheese, which are always, 100% real, natural cheese! 🧀🧀🧀 #realcheesepeople Loaded Farmers Market Vegetarian Sandwich with Carrot Top Pesto 2 slices bread 1 slice Sargento® Sliced Sharp Cheddar Cheese 1 slice Sargento® Sliced Swiss Cheese 2 tbsp carrot top pesto Grilled zucchini Heirloom tomatoes Shaved carrots Arugula Avocado Directions: Spread carrot top pesto on bread. Layer cheese and veggies.

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Ida Skivenes

Izy Hossack

Lindsay Maitland




Sarah Copeland

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Greta has been flitting about acting giddy about Valentine’s Day all week, leaving love notes on our desks, tucked in shoes and under pillows—always with her toddling protege trailing along. He’s been soaking it in, trying to grasp the meaning of it all, running to me with little scraps of paper saying “I made this for YOU!” Last night when I put him to sleep he said, “Mama, guess what? tomorrow is Clementine’s day!” It’s pretty fitting, since nothing makes him feel more loved than a huge pile of citrus and a promise that he can eat it all, without sharing a bite, so that’s what we’re doing over here. Happy Valentine’s/Clementine’s Day, friends! I hope you feel insanely loved. 🍊 . . . . #citruslove #givelove #showlove #simpleacts #food52gram #rslove #valentinesday2018 #littlejoys #sodomino #pursuejoy #mymotherhood #motherhooddiaries #motherhoodrising #raisingboys #hehasmyheart

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