Por El Influencer – Sorelle Amore, una australiana de 28 años se enteró que fue elegida para viajar por el mundo durante 12 semanas, quedándose en hoteles de 5 estrellas y ganando diez mil dólares al mes para hacerlo. Amore compartió su viaje a través de su cuenta de Instagram, en la que está por llegar a los 100,000 seguidores.

ThirdHome, un club de acomodaciones de lujo para rentar que tiene propiedades multimillonarias alrededor del mundo, es el que busca a gente con una cantidad considerablemente alta de seguidores en Instagram para que publiquen y creen entradas en blogs de las lujosas estancias que pueden ofrecer.

Te dejamos con algunas de las mejores fotografías de los lujosos destinos que visitó:

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And that's a wrap. Wow. 13 weeks including my week off. 12 destinations around the world, 12 luxurious homes around the world starting with this beautiful castle in Scotland. I think back to the first day going into this unknown. Meeting the incredible @3rdhome senior team there. I was nervous, confused, scared, excited, wide eyed, ready for the adventure. Throughout this Best Job On The Planet, I've created priceless memories, made life long connections, laughed, cried, rediscovered my childlike curiosity, enhanced my gratitude and personality, discovered myself. Forever grateful to every single person at @3rdhome for everything you've done. Particularly a huge shout out to Caitlin (!), Amy Jo, Liz and Wade. This experience would never have happened if it wasn't for you. Thank you to every home owner that allowed me to stay in their homes and all the staff within the homes that enriched the experience. Thank you again bro for sending me the link to this job posting and thank you Sorelle for taking action on it. Thank you to me for holding it SO strongly in my mind that this job was created for me and doing whatever I could to make sure I got this gig. Thank you to Earth and humans that populate it for making this world SUCH a beautiful place to explore. I'm forever in awe with this beautiful heaven that we get to live in every day. Thank you to my boyfriend for giving me complete freedom to go and live this adventure and encouraging me and celebrating with me at every step. You're a damn legend and I love you to bits. And finally THANK YOU to each one of you here following and voting for me initially. No words will never be enough to describe my gratitude for what you have all done for me. Truly, a life changing experience that helped me to flourish and I know this is JUST the beginning. I have incredible plans for the future with the aim of enriching more people's lives. Paying it forward just seems the right next steps. I love you all. . . . #BestJobOnThePlanet #THANKYOU

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